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The Neurozone Certification Course for Coaches forms part of the Certification process for qualified and experienced coaches.

Coaches who will find the Neurozone System and its products particularly valuable, usually have an interest in:

  • neuroscience-based solutions
  • wellness, high performance
  • brain-based leadership
  • and a brain/body system approach to improving client outcomes

The Online Course marks the beginning of the Neurozone Certification Course for Coaches.

In the Course, coaches can expect to gather insights from experienced neuroscientists. Topics include:

  1. The amazing brain/body system
    1. Brain basics
    2. The system of brain and body
  2. Themes underpinning a model of the performing brain
    1. The social brain
    2. Mindset formation-Applications of goal-directedness
    3. The unconscious problem solver
    4. The unconscious attention selector at work
    5. The continuously changing brain-growth factors
  3. The Model of Brain Performance
    1. A journey through the brain using a 3D Model, cutting-edge videos and illustrations
    2. Conceptual learning about each of the ten drivers of brain performance
  4. The brain/body system optimized
    1. The concept of chronic stress and brain/body system implosion
    2. Wellness resilience, high performance and thriving
    3. Business to the brain
    4. Positioning brain performance
  5. Understanding the FourCore Report System
    1. The Brain Performance Drivers
    2. Four Core Competencies
      1. Resilience
      2. Self-Leadership
      3. Learning Capacity
      4. Innovation Capacity
  6. Using the Neurozone System as a Coach
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The course material was designed specifically for qualified coaching professionals.

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First of all you will be asked to complete the Neurozone FourCore Assessment. This serves as a first-level introduction to the coaching certification course and is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of how the FourCore model works.

You will receive a personalized FourCore report that contains graphs and insights that can help you better understand and optimize your Brain/Body System.

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