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Develop a working knowledge of the neuroscience of high performance by completing the Neurozone® Premium Course

Optimize your coaching by integrating this knowledge through the Neurozone® Advanced Course

Receive 20 CCE’s for credential renewal in the area of Resource Development (ICF) for each course

Complete both courses in one go and receive a discount!

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Neurozone® Premium Course

Understanding the Neuroscience of High Performance

An engaging, interactive online self-study course (6 weeks) unpacking the neuroscience principles that drive high performance.

Who is this for?

Coaches with any of the following:

  • An ICF (or equivalent) accreditation

  • A minimum of two years’ experience

  • A qualification equivalent of Diploma status

Course highlights

  • The workings of the brain and how the brain/body system drives wellness, competency and skills development

  • The impact of mindset on the system

  • The internal representations that we make and the templates that we build through memory, genetics, and experience

  • How the brain builds resilience for individuals, teams and organizations

  • The drivers of brain performance that inform the behavioral code for high performance

Neurozone Course Format

Neurozone® Advanced Course

Integrating Neuroscience for High Performance Coaching

A practical training (6 weeks) through interactive, live (online) sessions presented by a highly qualified neuroscientist and coach to fully integrate the theory into coaching practice.

Who is this for?
High performance coaches who have successfully completed the Neurozone® Premium Course. The Neurozone® Advanced Course has been designed to build on the Neurozone® Premium Course. Therefore, we highly recommend completion of both courses in one go to accelerate the transformation of your coaching practice.

This course will enable you to:

  • Design your coaching approach using the principles of integrative behavioral neuroscience

  • Gain coachable insights of the neuroscience of mindfulness and high performance energy

  • Offer unique and effective coaching solutions that will transform individuals and teams

  • Optimize your own brain/body system and in the process and propel your coaching to the next level

  • Join our community of Advanced Coaches for enhanced networking opportunities

  • Receive practical, hands-on training of the Neurozone® Reports and Tools to significantly boost the scientific rigor of your client-offering

Neurozone Advanced Course

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What others have to say about the course

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Neurozone coach course. We covered an exceptional amount of material in a short space of time and yet it was digestible and so well supported with webinars and podcasts that I always felt as if my competence was growing despite the learning curve. The Personal report is a very useful tool which I am excited to say my clients are seeing the value of."

Mark Smith, Leadership Team and Adventure Coach

"Absolutely loved the course, both on a personal and professional level. I particularly enjoyed the online theory with assessment allowing one to reflect, absorb the content and do in one’s own time (which is most helpful for those working)."

Julia Nupen, ILS Master Coach

"I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this amazing and insightful course and would be eager to attend any follow up courses which Neurozone offer."

Warren Maasdorp, Sales Director/Management Coaching

"The content is fascinating and easily accessible. My coaching has taken on a new momentum and passion with the information gained from Neurozone, propelling much of my coaching content."

Lily Breuning Ellis, Process Facilitator/Executive and Life Coach

"The Neurozone course for coaches has been an incredibly professional and stimulating process from beginning to end. This certification will add value to my coaching practice and I am pleased to be associated with the Neurozone brand."

Sarah Braithwaite, Business Coach & Life Integrative Health Coach

"Neurozone provided that holistic approach to my growth trajectory that I needed to embark on, because it offered a new way of thinking, well-being of my body and mind coupled with a depth of learning that I didn't anticipate. I am now a proudly certified Neurozone coach, and eager to do my part in guiding others on this course towards optimal performance."

Leah Kitoloh, Talent and Performance Strategist